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I went to the dentist and he told me that I needed $10,000 worth of dental work. Not having the money readily available I had to have the dental work put off. In the mean time I had a couple of teeth that had lost their fillings. When they would flare-up I would use colloidal silver to quiet them down. The colloidal silver worked pretty well and eventually the pain would go away. Since I had the Magneticare Cell Activating Liquid Complex and knowing how well it had helped me out in the past I figured I would give it a try on my teeth.

Within fifteen minutes of putting the lotion on my sore tooth the pain was gone. Now any time I get a toothache I put Magneticare Cell Activating Liquid Complex on the tooth and it has worked every time.
Thank you for a wonderful product. – Tom F. Superior, CO

I had a severe tooth ache, which resulted in a painful root canal. During the weekend awaiting the procedure, the pain was excruciating – the worst I’d ever felt. Even the painkillers my dentist prescribed were not enough. I would toss and turn at night. Then my husband, who’d already been using the Magneticare products, offered me some of the magnetic cream. Within minutes of applying the cream to my cheek and jaw, the pain started to magically fade away.

The cream also helped to calm me down and sleep all through the night. It worked better than the painkillers!

Thank you very much! – Chris C., Denver, CO

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