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Static Magnetic Field Therapy for Pain in the Abdomen and Genitals

Holcomb RR; Worthington WB; McCullough BA; McLean MJ
Department of Neurology; Vanderbilt University Medical Center;, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Two adolescents with debilitating, medication-resistant, chronic pain of the low back and abdomen with intermittent pain of the genitalia were diagnosed with intervertebral disk disease at spinal cord levels that correlated with their signs. Both patients had undergone multiple evaluations by physicians of different specialties and both underwent appendectomy without relief of their pain. The history of the onset of pain was important in determining the affected levels. The pain of both individuals was mimicked and localized by percussion of the vertebral spines at the level of disk protrusion. This maneuver and careful review of the history were important in making the correct diagnosis in each case. In both patients, treatment with novel magnetic devices provided rapid relief that was sustained for more than 2 years. These cases highlight the need for careful evaluation and correct diagnosis of abdominal and genital pain in young patients to avoid costly and unnecessary medical intervention and the stigma of painful debility.

Pediatr Neurol 2000 Sep;23(3):261.

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