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After being hit in the ribs by a chair’s force (I was using the chair as a ladder and it tilted over and then slammed into my ribs) I decided to put two of the magnets I purchased over the painful area. I did this instead of ice and laid down for about one hour, moving the magnets around every so often. The pain subsided, and I decided to sleep with them as well. The next day I had no bruising whatsoever, no black and blue or bleeding, despite the fact that I usually bruise very easily.

Upon visiting the Dr. a few days later, I was told I had a cracked rib with contusions and swelling. The Dr. was very surprised that I had no external indications of my trauma, and I told him it was because of the magnets I applied immediately afterwards! I am continuing to use the magnets at night, and I believe that I am making great progress. It has been about five days now, and my range of motion has increased, my pain has greatly decreased, and I believe I am on the fast track to healing! Thank you so much for your wonderful product. – Karen, New York City, 1/6/02

Dear Magneticare,

Thank you for all you do! Your magnets are the primary tool in our first aid box. With them we tend to everything from sore feet, aching knees, overworked hips, hurt shoulders, sore throats, irregular hearts, stiff necks, ringing ears plus much more. We are very thankful to have found out about these faithful friends and use them often.

Every time we hear someone talk about an ailment we recommend our great magnets. I only wish that everyone knew about them and used them. Thanks again and G-d bless you richly, – Josie

The magnets are now with me. They were very useful during the last few days of my husband’s trip as he fell down an escalator at Amsterdam Airport and after stitches etc., he used the magnets over the rest of his trip when he went to bed…it kept the swelling down and they proved amazing.

Many thanks for your efficiency. I will be using them in my reflexology practice as well as with the children. – Cathy W., Campus Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

On Wednesday I accidentally fell down the stairs at home. The next day I woke up and my foot was all swollen and two of my toes were all black and blue. The next day I went to work and my boss saw my foot and told me to put her pair of Rx Magnets on my foot. I couldn’t believe it within minutes my pain had been diminished to the point were I could walk around on my foot without grimacing in pain. I was suppose to go out to a party Saturday and figured there was no way I could wear high heels, much to my amazement the swelling and pain had diminished enough for me to wear my heels and go out for a night on the town. – Tina M., Commerce City, CO


I want to give you a testimony of how Magneticare has helped me this past year.

I work with tile and grout and tend to be on my knees fairly regularly. While on my job one day, I somehow hit my knee fairly hard, but did not pay much attention to it until several months later, when I discovered I had developed water on the knee.

I first went online to research what products are available for this type of condition, as I did not want to have any surgery. The only thing I found and purchased was a sock for the knee that has small “Rare Earth” discs embedded within the fabric. I used this for several weeks and found a great reduction of water, and my knee had returned to normal in size.

However, since I thought that I was completely healed, I returned to normal activities. A day or two later, my knee swelled with water, to twice the size and amount than the previous injury. The “sock” did not continue to help with my knee injury.

That’s when I went to my health practitioner and he determined that the water was a result of inflammation of the joint, which has now become a granuloma type of response (I don’t remember if that is the correct term for it). He stated that it would take 6 months or more for it to heal, with or without surgery; that is, if I would remain off of it for this time.

In the meantime, I had been hearing some of your interviews on KHNC and called you to find out if the mangets might work. You assured me that they would make a definite difference in the outcome of my injury.

After using the [Heart/Lung] and [RX] Magnets and the cream ( twice daily) for 2-3 weeks, I noticed a difference in the size of my knee. After 6 weeks, my knee had returned to normal and has remained normal ever since. I have since returned to normal activities and normal use at work with no issues with my knee!

Thank you for all your help and for the great products you supply. – Dave

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