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Magnetic Liquid & Cell Activating Skin

Since the 1970s, athletes in many sports have been using magnets to improve their performance and overcome muscle soreness, joint pain, inflammation, bruising, fatigue, and other debilitating conditions.

Here is a testimonial we received from several members of the Denver Broncos who found that our Cell Activating Skin Cream made a real difference:

November 16, 2004

Dear Robert,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much your Magneticare cell activating skin cream has helped me.

I am a member of the Broncos team and, as I am sure you know, our workouts and our games take a toll on our bodies. I am constantly dealing with muscle aches and pains, and sometimes serious injuries. I have tried several things in the past to aid in the healing process and alleviate pain such as ointments, patches, massages for muscle and joint pain and everything else you can think of, but nothing has worked as well as your skin cream. It was suggested to me by my chiropractor and immediately after he applied it, I felt pain relief. I now use your cream on an almost daily basis and I keep a jar with me wherever I go.

You have an excellent product and I just wanted to thank you and let others know how effective it is and how much it has helped me!


Rod Smith, Jimmy Spencer, Jake Plummer
Willie Middlebrooks, Kelly Herndon, Ashley Lelie
William Fitchner, Brian Bosworth

Our specially designed, patented  products have helped athletes rapidly recover and heal from injuries. They often offer easier, safer, and more effective healing than ice, heat, cortisone shots, or anti-inflammatory medications.

MagnetiCare products are effective because they facilitate healthy blood, oxygen, and nutrient flow to the injured areas which, in turn, accelerates healing and recovery.

As our Testimonials indicate, the speed of recovery is usually very surprising since improvement often occurs within minutes or hours, particularly for muscle pain, swelling, and joint flexibility.

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