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Gardner Family Testimonials

We were first introduced to the MagnetiCare products in April of 2008. We are skeptical by nature, especially of “Too good to be true” products that have come our way. I started the ball rolling by taking the Liquid Supplement daily. My wife loved the way the Magnetic Cream treated her dry, cracked hands. It was our children, however, that showed us the total and complete health care that the entire product line offers.

It began with our two-year-old boy Leo. He had a nasty diaper rash along the elastic band line. It had blistered, and was extremely painful. When I found it, I started to reach for the usual ointment when I thought of using the Cream instead. It was around six o’clock in the evening. When I changed him it at bedtime, the sore was noticeably better. By the next evening, it was difficult to spot the sore area, and by the following morning it was gone completely! The best part was that it didn’t sting, so Leo didn’t struggle when he saw the jar coming out each time we put it on like he had with the traditional ointments.

A couple of weeks later he burned his arm on the steam of a vaporizer, and when he saw me coming with jar of Cream, he put his arm out and said “Wantsome” through his tears.

Our four-year-old boy Jay has had problems sleeping through the night. We would wake up at some point during the night and come into our room to sleep with us. Bob made the suggestion that we mount two Ultra magnets on either side of Jay’s bed in line with where his head is when he sleeps. Now it is the rare exception when Jay wakes up in the middle of the night instead of the rule. It worked so well with Jay that we did the same thing in Leo’s room with the same result.

This summer, we have discovered the how well the Cream treats mosquito bites. As soon as a bite is discovered, we apply just a dab of Cream on it. The itching stops almost immediately, and within an hour the bite has disappeared entirely.

Whenever the children develop a runny nose or other signs of an oncoming cold, we put two drops of the Liquid into whatever they’re drinking, making sure that they finish the drink and the cold never develops.

With two small boys, bumps and bruises are a part of life. We have enough pain relief and healing stories involving the use of both the Rx Magnets and the “Heart/Lung” Magnets to fill a library. Let me summarize all of those stories by saying that today, when they get hurt, their first word after “Mooooommy” or “Daaaaaddy” is “Magnet!”

Dear Bob,

I would like to share with you the experiences I have had with your Magneticare cream.

I had a bicycle accident a year ago. As a result of this accident I had external fixation applied to position a right wrist fracture. I also had internal screws and a wire placed in my left elbow. While I was still recovering I had the opportunity to visit with you and you encouraged me to try your product. When it was medically appropriate to apply creams to my injuries I began applying the Magneticare skin cream and experienced a noticeable difference in my pain and scars. Now the surgical scar on my left elbow is nearly invisible and the pain sensations have ceased. The right wrist scares have all but disappeared and I have not experienced any continuing pain.

Also, I have recently had the opportunity to care for my 88 year old mother who had a right knee replacement. The cream also helped with her scar. Additionally, she is very thin skinned and bruises very easily. Each time a bruise appears I apply the Magneticare skin cream and it helps disburse the bruise back into the body sooner than the body doing it itself. It really helps her heal. Thanks for share the product with me. – Helen

Two years ago I was in a major car accident. I had deep scars from the accident. I also had two tracheotomies, which also left a large scar on my throat. I used the lotion on the scars. It was amazing how the ointment helped heal the scarring. Where I used to have deep holes, the skin actually has come up to the surface now. I firmly believe in your product. Thank you, – Nicole Payne, Grand Junction, CO

A few months ago I was in a car accident. I broke my arm and had to have a plate put in it. I had a long scar that went above the elbow to lower part of the elbow. It was a very unsightly scar. I used your magnetic lotion on my arm, and noticed a dramatic difference in the scar. It has faded to almost nothing already.

The product works great. Keep up the good work. – Elisha Shaw, Boulder, CO

I broke my ankle in December of last year. I ended up with a 4″ scar from the surgery. It was a very unattractive scar. I used the magnetic ointment on the scar. Thanks to the lotion the scar is a faint line. I like the product and would recommend it to my friends. Thank you, – Deb Hellman, Louisville, CO

I used your magnetic ointment on my stretch marks and pimples. The ointment cleared up the pimples overnight. My stretch marks faded to almost nothing. I like your product and would recommend it to my friends. I appreciate your product, – Jessica Rile, Denver, CO

I had my first success with the magnetic lotion over the weekend. I came back from a couple long days in Nebraska where I attended my daughter’s graduation. After driving eight hours straight, I got home and was very uncomfortable, suffering from a serious jock rash. I get this rash four or five times a year and typically have to use Lotrimin or some other anti-fungal cream for a few days to get rid of the rash. But this time, after applying the Magneticare Cell Activating Liquid Complex just before bedtime, I woke up the next day with the rash completely gone. It worked unbelievably well.

I had another experience with your product that I wanted to tell you about. I went to the dentist and he told me that I needed $10,000 worth of dental work. Not having the money readily available I had to have the dental work put off. In the mean time I had a couple of teeth that had lost their fillings. When they would flare-up I would use colloidal silver to quiet them down. The colloidal silver worked pretty well and eventually the pain would go away. Since I had the Magneticare Cell Activating Liquid Complex and knowing how well it had helped me out in the past I figured I would give it a try on my teeth. Within fifteen minutes of putting the lotion on my sore tooth the pain was gone. Now any time I get a toothache I put Magneticare Cell Activating Liquid Complex on the tooth and it has worked every time. Thank you for a wonderful product.” – Tom F. Superior, CO

Case 6

A 53 year old man with several warts on his hands and feet began using the Magneticare’s Liquid Complex. After a few weeks of taking the Liquid Complex, the warts were entirely eliminated from his skin. – Ted, Natural Medicine Practitioner

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