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> Parkinson’s


In the summer of 2004 I experienced a strange seizure and wound up in the hospital. I was diagnosed as having Lewy Bodies, a form of Parkinson’s Disease, which left me semi incapacitated, in that I could not move very well, and was put on oxygen.

I underwent some physical therapy that brought back my balance and some use of my legs. About this time I was introduced to MagnetiCare’s cell activating liquid complex which I started taking twice a day, and along with some simple exercises I do in my home, my activity level and feeling of well being improved. I no longer need oxygen and am now enjoying nine holes of golf twice a week and scoring in the mid forties. The doctors have me on the appropriate prescription drugs for this disease, but I am sure that MagnetiCare has helped me tremendously to reach my present level and I will continue with my daily dosages. It might also be of interest that I am 86 years old!!!! – John G., Longmont, CO

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