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Laser therapy
Laser Therapy Health Solutions- Discover cold laser therapy and how to use it as a home remedy. It is a very effective, safe and affordable natural cure. You can transform a low cost laser pointer into a powerful healing machine. Very soon you will see laser pointer therapy being used in every home on the planet. Laser therapy is becoming the best medical advancement since the discovery of antibiotics.

Tanning beds
Home Tanning Beds Find a comfortable bed direct from the manufacturer and enjoy tanning in your own home!

Alternative Health
Sign the Health Revolution Petition now!

Correcting Emotional Imbalance
Online Bach Flower Therapy Consultation : Purge Negative emotions
We offer online consultation for correcting emotional imbalance based on the principles of Bach Flower Therapy and recommend a customized essence program for eliminating Unwanted Thoughts and Negative emotions from the Personality.

Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic Therapy GreatnessMagnetic therapy
Although it has been around for hundreds of years, magnetic therapy is just now getting back into the attention of doctors and physicians. It has shown great results amongst many patients. It is only a matter of time before this treatment will be practiced by all doctors worldwide.

Senior citizens and how I can help them to keep their independence, mostly locally.

Sun Visors
We make large visors that protect the face and ears from the sun. FUNVISORS, a fun hat for serious sun protection.

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