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> Insect Bites


My son woke-up one morning with a spider bite. The back of his hand was all swollen, red and hot. I grabbed my Rx Magnet and had him put it on his hand within 30 minutes the redness and swelling had all but disappeared. When he woke-up the next morning you would never know that he had been bitten. – Bob S., Lakewood, CO

This past summer was a nuisance for me, every few days I had a new mosquito bite. I was really happy with the purchase of the Rx Magnets. Normally when I get mosquito bites they go away in a week to ten days itching and bothering me the whole time. With the Rx Magnets I hold one of the magnets on the bite for about 5 minutes three times a day. The swelling goes down the first day and the bites are gone in three days. They still itch a little but then they are gone so fast that I hardly notice them compared to be for using the magnets. – John H., Denver, CO

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