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Hi Robert,

Remember when I told you about my mom…..her hypothyroid diagnosis. Well she was set against taking any drugs for it – told the doctor she would have to think about it……and she was in panic for three months.

I wrote to you and asked you for suggestions, you said for her to put the magnet on her thyroid. (I had given a set to her in August for her birthday. She is such a non-believer I knew she wouldn’t buy them herself and somewhat doubted she would use them…..but she did see how I improved over the past 6 months) So….I was shocked that my mother even used them. I guess she felt desperate. She put the magnets right on her thyroid each and every night when she went to bed.

Last week she got the results back from follow up blood-work and it was all normal. When she got off the phone with the nurse, the first words out of her mouth were “it was the magnets”!!

I had to share this with you…. thanks for your advice and help.Hope all is well by you, and I hope to see you sometime next year! – Debbie


I have had amazing success with your large magnets. I had a depressed thymus and just could not do anything to get it back to normal. At your suggestion I put one right on the thymus(smooth side to the body) and after doing this for about a week it has responded well and now the readings are normal.

What was even more exciting was how the large magnets resolved my back pain. We worked way too long one week and at one point fell awkwardly causing a slight pain. Next day it was very painful the lumbar area. We tried everything including all sorts of topical relievers, homeopathic, muscle relaxers, special supplements and lots of trips to the chiropractor. Then I finally remembered the magnets as we were heading on a trip. We drove to Phoenix and back to Texas and all the time I had both magnets behind my back resting between my back and the seat. When we got to Phoenix the pain was nearly gone. By the time we returned (again using the magnets) all the pain was gone and I have had no recurrence of the pain. Terrific!! Thanks – Heiko Reske

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