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The Gardner Family

Being a parent we know how bad we feel when our children get injured. Normally it is a battle to “help” our child through the injury, if it is a cut then we have to wash the area and apply an antibacterial agent all the time the child is screaming because of the pain. Imagine place a magnet on the injury, the pain goes away quickly and the antibacterial action of the magnet will help prevent infection. When we wash out the wound, most of the pain is gone because of the magnet our child is happier and sitting relax not crying and letting us help them.

We were first introduced to the MagnetiCare products in April of 2003. It was our children, however, that showed us the total and complete health care that the entire product line offers. With two small boys, bumps and bruises are a part of life. We have enough pain relief and healing stories involving the use of both the Rx Magnets and the “Bleeder” Magnets to fill a library. Let me summarize all of those stories by saying that today, when they get hurt, their first word after “Mooooommy” or “Daaaaaddy” is “Magnet!”


My name is R Scott. I am a Viet Nam Vet-1966-1968. I was exposed to Agent Orange while there-it was dropped on me from the air & I spent many long hours standing in the water that had also been exposed to Agent Orange… I believe this magnetic cream has really helped me with the pain getting better by about 50%I have been able to increase my walking & standing & at night, my feet are not to the point of being in extreme pain when I come home from work. …. before the cream my feet were as hard as boards and stiff. My toes didn’t bend very well. Now, my feet are softer, not hard like boards & I can bend my toes now. ….


Dear Bob, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Revitalizing Magnetic Health Cream that you recommended.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Revitalizing Magnetic Health Cream that you recommended.

As you know, I originally purchased this cream to for the joint pain in my hand. You had also recommended that I also use it for the arthritis in my foot. Since it worked so well on my hand, I took your advice and tried it during a flare up. Not only did the cream remove the joint pain I was having in my hand, I could actually feel it working on my foot. What a difference this cream made, I am glad I took your recommendation.

Thank you, – Larry H., Denver, CO

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