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To Mr. Robert Kirschbaum,
My name is Richard F. Scott. I am a Viet Nam Vet-l966-68. I was exposed to Agent Orange while there-it was dropped on me from the air & I spent many long hours standing in the water that had also been exposed to Agent Orange. 1 now have neuropathy in my feet & legs, along with sores that break out on my body at different times. I am not a diabetic. I have been tested for that. The pain in my feet is getting progressively worse for the last 20 years. The pain feels like walking on a bed of needles with tingling, 24/7. The pain is mild at times, but still painful, going all the way up to feeling like I am getting electrical shocks. When this happens, I can’t even touch my own skin.
I always try everything I hear about that might help the neuropathy & my painful feet. I believe this magnetic cream has really helped me with the pain getting better by about 50
%. I have been able to increase my walking & standing activities & at night, my feet are not to the point of being in extreme pain when I come home from work. Usually, on the weekends, I have to rest my feet & stay off ofthem as much as possible. Before the cream, I had trouble sleeping because of the pain. Now, I can sometimes sleep through the night. I have used the magnetic cream for about 6 weeks now. I put the cream on my feet, toes, the ball of my feet, the tops of my feet where the pain is, & on my lower lumbar spine-both sides of the spine. I do this every night after my shower.
Another amazing thing is that before the cream, my feet were as hard as boards & stiff My toes didn’t bend very well. Now, my feet are softer, not hard like boards & I can bend my toes now. I also feel like I am getting some feeling back into my feet. The neuropathy is still there, but getting better, I think.
After applying the cream, I feel a lot of the pain goes away in about 30 minutes or so. I believe my neuropathy is due to my exposure to Agent Orange, but the VA doctors will not give me an answer about why I have this neuropathy. I am at least happy that I have found something to help me deal with this constant pain. Thank you, Mr. Kirschbaum for making this cream & putting this info out there on the internet for us to find & to receive relief for our pain problems. – Richard F. Sj

Remember me?

I wanted you to know that I fell out of my truck last Saturday and scraped a foot long furrow down the front of my left shin. I have rubbed the lotion into it twice per day. I have had some muscle soreness, but not the bruising that I expected. Plus, the scrape is healing wonderfully. There is only a quarter-sized, deep gouge remaining, but it is even healing daily.

Bob, I know that if I had not used the lotion, this would have been a very painful and long healing injury. I had put the lotion in the closet and forgotten about it, I found it while cleaning a few days earlier, and set it on my dresser in order to remember to use it on me or my kids.

Anyway, I have been telling EVERYONE how great it is and where to get it. – Lorrie M., Evergreen, CO

Two days prior to using your liquid magnet, I was experiencing extreme gastric distress. It had gotten so bad, that I had to go to the emergency room. Additionally, I had been diagnosed with a Hernia a month ago. After four days of using your liquid magnet, I was out of pain and feeling great! I went back to the doctor, and he was astounded. The Hernia had “vanished!” – Mark R., Baltimore, Maryland

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