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> Headaches


I am a substitute teacher in a larger city school district. I purchased a set of Rx Magnets for my own pain problems. They have worked and I am happy with their pain relieving abilities.

The reason that I am writing you is to tell you of how they have helped me out at school. In my school district nurses and teachers are not allowed to give children any kind of medicine by mouth without the parents approval. So if the kids get a headache or anything similar the kids just have to tuff it out. When they get a headache in class they lay their heads down on their desks, close their eyes, and hope for the best.

Knowing that magnets are totally safe, I took a risk and gave one of the students with a headache my set of Rx Magnets. He placed one magnet on each temple, in about ten minutes he gave me back the magnets. I asked him why he gave them back to me and he responded by say his headache was gone. I immediately had a new friend in the class room who was alert and really ready to learn.

I have made quite a few new friends with my Rx Magnets and the kids are always grateful for the headache relief by being very attentive and well behaved students. The students and I thank you. – Gene B., Chicago, IL

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