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This testimonial is not paid or requested, nor am I a Doctor, only a tool to help others in their individual circumstances.

My daughter is six years old and has eczema severely. She needs the strength of steroid cream but can’t be on it long enough to help her. As soon as she is off of it, it comes back, often worse. She had it so bad her hands would crack to the point she could not bend her hands to hold a cup to drink. The Doctors’ gave her medicine, which may have helped, but the passing of time I think was a greater factor. Then we came across a product called Magneticare skin cream. She put it on the first time and said she could feel it helping her inside. Within two applications her hands were the best they have been. The other good news is that there is NO STEROIDS! She can use it as a lotion as often as she wants.

I strongly recommend this product to everyone. Sincerely, – Marshall F., Baltimore, MD

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