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I had the good fortune of meeting Bob Kirschbaum at a business / spirituality seminar in Denver in early 2005. At the time, I was about to enter graduate school in counseling psychology and, for years, had struggled with depression and anxiety.

After the presentation, I inquired with Bob as to what he did for a living, he pulled out a bottle of the liquid complex and a jar of the magnetic cream. He told me to hold onto each and see if I felt anything. I was really dumbfounded how these two containers had such powerful energy. He went on to tell me what the products were for and I asked him if they might help me with my depression and anxiety, and he said they should be useful.

Thankfully, I had cash on me that morning and I bought the products. I went home and took a dosage of the liquid complex and rubbed the cream on my back, chest, neck and temples, which is where I carry a lot of my pain. Within minutes I felt so much more comfortable, I couldn’t believe it. It was like I had just gotten out of a sauna and I was on vacation. Pure comfort. My anxiety subsided greatly, which upped my confidence and clarity. This has helped me to feel much more at ease at work, school, and in social situations.

I am now a regular customer and have been taking the liquid, cream, and months ago started the Rx magnets. I have found that when I put the magnets along my belt under my belly button, as Bob directed, my depression subsides within minutes and I feel a real boost of energy that I need, particularly when I have to do something like give a speech or “have to” do something socially that I don’t have the energy to deal with.

These products are truly remarkable; they have helped me so much. Thanks a ton, Bob, and keep up the good work! – Matt M, Evanston, IL

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