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> Chronic Pain


Dear Magneticare,

Thank you for all you do! Your magnets are the primary tool in our first aid box. With them we tend to everything from sore feet, aching knees, overworked hips, hurt shoulders, sore throats, irregular hearts, stiff necks, ringing ears plus much more. We are very thankful to have found out about these faithful friends and use them often.

Everytime we hear someone talk about an ailment we recommend our great magnets. I only wish that everyone knew about them and used them.

Thanks again and G-d bless you richly, – Josie  

Dear Robert,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much your Magneticare cell activating skin cream has helped me.

I am a former member of the [Denver] Broncos team and, as I am sure you know, our workouts and our games take a toll on our bodies. I am constantly dealing with muscle aches and pains, and sometimes serious injuries. I have tried several things in the past to aid in the healing process and alleviate pain such as ointments, patches, massages for muscle and joint pain and everything else you can think of, but nothing has worked as well as your skin cream. It was suggested to me by my chiropractor and immediately after he applied it, I felt pain relief. I now use your cream on an almost daily basis and I keep a jar with me wherever I go.  You have an excellent product and I just wanted to thank you and let others know how effective it is and how much it has helped me!  Sincerely, – Rod Smith, Jimmy Spencer, Jake Plummer, Willie Middlebrooks, Kelly Herndon, Ashley Lelie, William Fitchner, Brian Bosworth

Hi Robert,

It was so nice to meet with you while we were visiting Joyce in Colorado.
I’ve been sleeping with the Ultra magnet (my best bud now) since we saw you and there has been a tremendous improvement in my hips. I keep the two smaller magnets in my pants pocket during the day – as much as I can also. I feel so much better – Friday I walked two miles at the park – without any pain!! No limping or pain afterwards either! It all seems very strange to me-that it is possible that this could help me so much. I went through at least 2 years of physical therapy and I was still in rough shape. Seems like a miracle for me.

Since we haven’t been home very long, I haven’t had the chance to use the drops or cream but Casey & I are looking forward to seeing the benefits they will give us.

I guess it took me having lousy insurance coverage to try the magnets. If I went to my doctor for pain he would have charged me a huge fee for the visit plus the cost of drugs that I really don’t want to take!! So at that point I felt I had nothing to lose if I invested in the magnet therapy that was highly recommended by my good friend! It has all turned out so much better than I expected. I’ll be in touch to order more items!! Thanks for your help. – Debbie P., Kirkwood, NY

I just cannot believe it. I have had chronic back pain for the last seven years. A friend of mine suggested that I try RxMagnets because they had worked on his pain. After the first night of using the magnets, upon awakening I sat-up in bed and noticed something was very different. Ninety percent of my pain was gone. I could not believe that a magnet placed on my back would relieve pain. I continued to use the magnets for a full week and now the chronic back pain is gone and I still cannot believe it. Thank you for such a wonderful product, I plan to tell all my friends about RxMagnets. – Rob F., Golden, CO

Ever since a car accident five years ago when I broke my ankle, it has been bothering me. Especially if a storm is approaching I know it before the weatherman. My Rx Magnets have kept me pain free ever since I started using them. Whenever I feel a tinge in my ankle I put them on for maybe ten minutes and then I am fine. Thank you Magneticare. – Mickey S., Ft. Morgan, CO

Just to let you know that I ordered the magnets some time ago. I recently got a very bad lumbar pain and was in a lot of pain. I thought about the magnets, and put them on the spot and laid down. Within 15 minutes the pain was gone and didn’t come back for 2 weeks! I am impressed. I have only used the North pole of magnets before. I think this magnet is far better than the type I used to use. Thanks for such a good product!  – Ann P., Gainsville, FL

Hi Bob,

I thought I should relate my magnet experience with you. I drove home with the magnet behind my back, as you suggested. I didn’t notice much of a difference and during the evening my back really tightened up on me. I was contemplating some medication, but went to bed early instead. Before bed, I tried to find a place for the magnet that was not near anything like my CD’s or my computer or anything computerized. I opted to stick it to the bed frame of a day bed I have in my office.  During a restless night I went to my office to and fell asleep on the day bed. When I woke up this morning the first thing I noticed is that my back wasn’t sore for the first time since I can remember. I rolled over to see the big magnet stuck to the back of the frame pointing in my direction. Wow! Thanks for everything. –Gale Connell IBI Colorado State Director

Hi Bob,

I did forget to say how great the cream is and the effects it has had on our battered bodies!! Let me see… which area that I’ve been using it on do I talk about it first… !  I seem to be the one that is always doing bodily damage to myself, the klutz that I am. About a week before we saw you, I fell and brused my back right next to the spine. No matter what I tried the pain just didn’t go away. Dave put the cream on my back that night and the pain was gone the next morning. Yea! I’ve also been using it on my shoulders for the “computer” strain, hands/knuckles for stiffness and joint pain, behind my knees for the swelling, and on my varicose veins! I can definitely tell the difference! Then there’s Dave’s body pains… so we need a gallon of this stuff. I think we used up that jar in about 2 weeks! So I hope you and Dave are getting together soon!

Plus this new bottle of the liquid with it has really helped. Speaking of allergies, this time of year is bade for me also, but the allergies seem to be under control for the minute. I do believe it is the liquid! However, using the neutral cream with essential oils for allergies, where on your body do you put this? My first thought is to slather it on my nose and forehead!

Also our old dog, the shi tzu, a very mellow dog, was having “senior moments” or keeping us up through the night. with his barking and pacing, … not having even 10 minutes of resting his head through the night! He has definitely benefited from the liquid. Dave used the empty bottle to make a watered down solution and gives him a few drops with the eye dropper every night. He’s much calmer now and we have had full night sleep every since! (Always a plus!) The vet wanted me to give him valiume AND benadryl, basically keep him drugged up. Well, what’s the sense in him living! We’ve also been giving it to the 4 year old American Eskimo… the “spaz” dog, which is characteristic of this breed. He’s mellowed out and quite the mush now! – Angie G., Centennial, CO

Dear Bob,

One day, while visiting our friends, Karen and Jeff Olson, I had had quite a bit of pain in the back of my knee. Normally, I don’t notice, as being a locksmith for the past 30 years and working on my knees, I was used to the pain. However, that day, it was incapacitating.

When Karen told me to rub some of your MagnetiCare crystal enhanced cell activating platinum skin cream on the back of my knee, I figured, “what the heck, it can’t hurt!” Boy, was I amazed. The pain went away within 10 seconds, and all that was left was a little stiffness, which went away in about half an hour.

Now, I have had knee surgery on one knee and was looking forward to having it on the other. I can’t tell you how many bottles of Glucosamine Condroitin and other related remedies I have tried to ease my problems with my knees and joints. Not anymore. Since that day, I have purchased the Cell Activating Liquid Complex and take it twice a day and have gotten more of the Cell Activating Platinum Skin Cream to keep on hand. I’ve only had to use the cream twice, as the Liquid Complex seems to have helped to straighten out my regular aches and pains, and makes me feel a lot better. Needless to say, I no longer am worried about having to have the other knee operated on, and I’m looking forward to ordering your magnets, some time in the near future. If anyone had any idea of how painful my knees were before using your products, compared to how I feel now, they’d be SHOCKED! You can print my email if anyone has any questions, but for me, your products not only work, but they work surprisingly well. With Regards, – Gary Nunes, Illinois

I had my first success with the magnetic lotion over the weekend. I came back from a couple long days in Nebraska where I attended my daughter’s graduation. After driving eight hours straight, I got home and was very uncomfortable, suffering from a serious jock rash. I get this rash four or five times a year and typically have to use Lotrimin or some other anti-fungal cream for a few days to get rid of the rash. But this time, after applying the Magneticare Cell Activating Liquid Complex just before bedtime, I woke up the next day with the rash completely gone. It worked unbelievably well.

I had another experience with your product that I wanted to tell you about. I went to the dentist and he told me that I needed $10,000 worth of dental work. Not having the money readily available I had to have the dental work put off. In the mean time I had a couple of teeth that had lost their fillings. When they would flare-up I would use colloidal silver to quiet them down. The colloidal silver worked pretty well and eventually the pain would go away. Since I had the Magneticare Cell Activating Liquid Complex and knowing how well it had helped me out in the past I figured I would give it a try on my teeth.

Within fifteen minutes of putting the lotion on my sore tooth the pain was gone. Now any time I get a toothache I put Magneticare Cell Activating Liquid Complex on the tooth and it has worked every time. Thank you for a wonderful product. – Tom F. Superior, CO

. . . In addition, my nephew hurt his head. She took the RX magnet and put it on there. Within seconds she said he looked at her and said “Mom the pain is gone!” Just wanted to say thank you so much for your products. You truly change people’s lives. . . – Karen, Chicago, IL

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