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> Bleeding


I was hiking in a remote mountain area when I tripped over some tangled roots and landed knee first on a ragged rock causing a large gash on my knee. Since I always carry my Rx Magnets with me for other reasons, I decided to experiment on the open wound. The magnet got a little bloody but it did an amazing job of stopping the bleeding. I just held the magnet on the gash for about thirty seconds and the bleeding had stopped. I walked about a mile back to where I was staying and cleaned up the wound. The gash never bled and the next morning I was able to use the treadmill and go about normal activities because no scab ever formed. Now the gash has healed and the scar looks like any other. – Robert K., Denver, CO

Recently, while cooking I cut my index finger with a sharp kitchen knife.. Bleeding profusely, I grabbed a paper towel to apply pressure. I then turned to the medicine cabinet to obtain a band-aide and suddenly remembered the Rx Heart/Lung sitting on my kitchen counter. I placed the magnet, large side to the cut and applied it for approximately 10 seconds. When I removed it, my finger stopped bleeding. I even squeezed my finger to see if it would bleed and much to my amazement, the cut had sealed. I never again used a Band-Aid on this particular cut, as it never bled again. There also is no evidence of the cut on my finger. My experience confirmed MagnetiCare’s assertion that Rx Magnets would indeed stop bleeding. They made a believer out of me. – Cherie B., Denver, CO

I purchased my Rx Magnets to give me relief from my arthritis pain and they have done a good job of that. I am 76 years young and cut myself shaving more often than I should. Whenever I cut myself I take out my Rx Magnet and apply it to the cut for about a minute. It sure beats a styptic pencil and no stinging from the magnet or tissue paper to pull off and start the bleeding all over. – Jim W., Denver, CO

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