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“Dear Magneticare,

Thank you for all you do! Your magnets are the primary tool in our first aid box. With them we tend to everything from sore feet, aching knees, overworked hips, hurt shoulders, sore throats, irregular hearts, stiff necks, ringing ears plus much more. We are very thankful to have found out about these faithful friends and use them often.

Every time we hear someone talk about an ailment we recommend our great magnets. I only wish that everyone knew about them and used them.

Thanks again and G-d bless you richly,” – Josie

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Revitalizing Magnetic Health Cream that you recommended.

As you know, I originally purchased this cream to for the joint pain in my hand. You had also recommended that I also use it for the arthritis in my foot. Since it worked so well on my hand, I took your advice and tried it during a flare up.

Not only did the cream remove the joint pain I was having in my hand, I could actually feel it working on my foot. What a difference this cream made, I am glad I took your recommendation. Thank you,” – Larry H., Denver, CO

“My name is Eliana A. In October 2008, my family was invited to the Kirschbaum home for dinner. While walking to their home, my left knee began to hurt. About half way there, I could barley walk, holding onto my daughters who were attempting to help me. When we finally arrived, I must have been grimacing, because Bob asked if I was all right. When I told him my knee was hurting, he brought me two magnets. He instructed me to place one magnet on each side of my knee and just hold them there during dinner. He said that I would not feel anything. I did as he instructed during our lovely (nearly three-hour) dinner. When we left their home, Bob walked with us for a few blocks when I suddenly realized that I had NO pain! NONE what so ever! He asked me how my knee felt and I told him that I couldn’t believe it but it didn’t hurt at all! All the way home, I walked very carefully, expecting it to begin hurting with every step that I took. But it didn’t! In fact it didn’t hurt again for a solid two weeks! We were in the middle of the High Holidays and doing allot of walking over those two weeks, and I got through it with no pain. I decided that it would be a good idea to have these magnets all the time, so I purchased a set from Bob and have used them several times as needed. I would not be without them ever again. I wish the mainstream medical community would take into account that some things can be treated without prescription drugs or surgical intervention.

My arthritis is so bad that I wasn’t able to straighten my knees without it being very painful. The severity of my arthritis comes and goes but it has been a good two months since I could fully bend my knee. Within 10 minutes of using Rx Magnets I was able to bend my knee and walk without pain.” – Kay R., Aurora, CO

“Hi Bob, The potion (Cell Activating Skin Cream) that you gave me at the last event, what is it called? I gave it to my 81 year old stepmom to try because she has bursitis. When I was out there in February she complained of a lot of pain, so I let her try my lotion. She really likes it. This is her testimonial:

Boy, that bottle of pain reliever has helped my arthritis and bursitis. My hand doesn’t shake now when I lift it. Other people have noticed that I am not shaking when I eat and I haven’t had to take so many pain pills. I have been putting it on a vein on my leg and the swelling is almost gone. Anyway, how do I get some more of the cream for her.” – Deb H., Lafayette, CO

“Hi Bob, I was going to call yesterday, but just ran out of time. I spoke to you about my sister Lynn while I was there. She has the rheumatoid arthritis. My Dad called me last Wednesday to let me know she couldn’t walk because her knee was swollen and so painful. There was a big weather change and it was affecting her knee. I talked to her Friday night and she still couldn’t walk. I had not seen her since I had been back so she didn’t have the drops and cream I brought back for her. I went over there Friday night at 1030pm. I brought her one set of the RXmagnets, one ultra, and one of the Heart/Lung as well as a bottle of the drops and cream. She told me not to come because it was so late, but I said it couldn’t wait. She needed to feel better. I got to her house and she was sitting on the couch you could see how swollen and red her knee was.I took and put one RX magnet on each side of her knee and put the wrap around it. I waited about 15 minutes and left.

She called me yesterday afternoon. She woke up at 3 am that morning to go to the bathroom and just got up off the couch and started walking. It was then she realized, wait…..I’m suppose to be in pain. She could walk normal no pain, no swelling. She left it on and went back to sleep. Woke up again with no pain or anything. She couldn’t believe it. I think she thought I was crazy before, but now……She had a full day yesterday having to run the kids to karate, gymnastics, going to see my Dad etc and had no idea how she was going to do all that with her knee the way it was the night before. Her husband who is a hard person to convince of anything couldn’t believe it either. She had called work the day before to let them know she couldn’t come in because of her knee. She is a cashier at Kohl’s dept store. They called her yesterday to see how she was feeling. She said you’re not going to believe this but…..and told them what happened. One of her bosses suffers from the same thing she does…

In addition, my nephew hurt his head. She took the RX magnet and put it on there. Within seconds she said he looked at her and said “Mom the pain is gone!”

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your products. You truly change people’s lives.

As far as her hands go, they are always swollen and painful. Where is the best place to put the magnets on there for her? Thanks again Bob.” – Karen, Chicago, IL

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