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Rx Heart/Lung (Bleeder) Magnet

img_13_smOur Rx Heart/Lung Magnets (HL) is specifically designed to stop bleeding quickly. Just place this magnet directly on any cuts or minor scrapes/abrasions for a quick and easy heal, scabbing is reduced to a minimum helping to prevent scaring from all types of wounds. Our customers have told us that this magnet provides rapid, effective healing of cuts, minor scrapes, and abrasions.Use the HL magnet in conjunction with an Rx Magnet for relief of your worst migraine headache according to our customers. Our clients have indicated that the HL helps to relieve heart and lung problems such as arrythmias, asthma and complications related to smoking, as well as other conditions. Each Rx Heart/Lung weighs 2 ounces and is 2 ” in diameter. You will receive a sets of 2 magnets per purchase.

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