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Combination Pack -1 Rx Magnet & 1 Rx Heart/Lung

The combination of one Rx Magnet and one Heart/Lung Magnet will energize and balance you like never before, enhancing both your physical and mental powers. Balancing all you chakras within minutes reading you for a wonderful life feeling better and younger every day.

Using one of each of the magnets on the sciatica will relieve your pain anywhere in your leg. Using both on your lower back will bring you relief from your lower back pain. The combination of these two magnets on your temples are perfect for migraines giving you relief within minutes.


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Our customers have told us that our Combination Pack helps alleviate:

  • Arthritis
  • Upset Stomach
  • Headache
  • Balancing
  • Inflammation
  • Organ Dysfunction
  • Chronic Pain
  • Energy
  • Tight Muscles


How do you use the Rx Magnets?

The Rx Magnets are designed to deliver a weak, penetrating, focused magnetic field that the body can use immediately. The magnetic energy penetrates deep into the body, which triggers rapid healing of injuries by providing necessary blood, oxygen, and nutrients.

How often should I use it?

As needed.

How long does it take for it to work?

Healing times differ based on the person and condition. Full healing can take place in a matter of minutes or hours or, in some cases, a matter of weeks or months.

Do I need to consult a doctor before using the magnet?

Consulting a doctor is always a good idea. Since most doctors are not very familiar with or knowledgeable about alternative healing treatments like magnets, you may have to decide for yourself if our magnetic products are right for you. Please see our Research, Health Resources, and Testimonials pages for further information.

Are there any lifestyle or dietary changes that I need to follow when using magnetic health products?

No specific lifestyle or dietary changes are needed to use any of our magnetic health products.


Arthritis Pain

For arthritic joints, place one magnet on each side of the joint.

Insect Bites

Place one Rx Magnet directly over the bite overnight to relieve pain and inflammation.


Place one Rx Magnet over the right temple and one Rx Heart/Lung over the left temple.


Apply the Rx Magnet to the affected area as soon as possible after the injury to initiate the healing process and avoid the inflammatory response. If there is significant bleeding, apply the Rx Bleeder until the bleeding has stopped. Using the Rx Bleeder also will help prevent scab formation will promote healing.

Organ Dysfunction

Use the Rx Magnet or the Rx Ultra over the organ area, until organ function has been restored. Improvement may take weeks to months.


Apply the magnets to the affected area, using the Rx Magnet for small areas and the Rx Ultra for large areas. You may use the magnets at night so their weight will not interfere with everyday activities.

Sinus Congestion

Place the Rx Magnet above the nose on the upper sinus area until the congestion clears. Alternatively, you can place the magnet on the acupressure point for sinuses, which is located on the top side of the hand where there is loose skin between the thumb and the forefinger. (The clearing of the sinus may require more than one application.) You can hook two Rx Magnets together by sliding one magnet over the other until the larger magnet of one set touches the smaller magnet of the other set. Do not let any part of the large magnet overlap the smaller magnet.

Stomach Ailments and Diarrhea

Place one or two Rx Magnets two inches below the belly button.

Tight Muscles

For small muscles, use the Rx Magnet; for large muscles, use the Rx Ultra.

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