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Magnetic Therapy


Advanced Medical Supplement, Magnets and Cream for a Pain and Disease Free Life!!

Energizing ELEMENTALIFE Magnetic Supplement  Highly energized magnetic elements to circulate through the body to promote a rapid energetic lift by inducing electrons into all the conductive elements of the body. This allows the body to heal and enhances DNA’s signal for a total overall energized feeling.

Revitalizing Magnetic Health Cream –  80% Organic  This magnet-fortified Cell Activating Skin Cream works just like magnets do, to bring magnetic energy into the body and activate healing frequencies wherever the cream is applied. The magnetic frequencies enhance blood, oxygen, and nutrient flow to the area. The cream begins to nourish the area whether it’s used for Pain Relief, Hydrating, Firming, Moisturizing and overall well being.

Combination Pack – 1 Rx Magnet & 1 Rx Heart/Lung  The combination of the two magnets will energize and balance you like never before, enhancing both you physical and mental powers. Balancing all you chakras within minutes.

Rx Magnets  Biologically active frequencies have been added to our 2″ diameter magnets enhancing their healing powers. RxMagnets penetrate deeper with advanced healing frequencies and a weak magnetic field to initiate healing. These crystals and plant-based frequencies activate genes that are normally dormant amplifying your personal healing power.

Rx Heart/Lung(Bleeder) Magnet  Our Rx Heart/Lung Magnets (HL) is specifically designed to stop bleeding quickly. Placing the magnet directly on any minor cuts, scrapes or abrasions for a quick and easy healing.  Additionally scabbing is reduced to a minimum, helping to prevent scaring from all types of wounds.

Rx Ultra Magnet  The Rx Ultra Magnet is 5″ in diameter and specifically designed for deep penetration and is loaded with healing frequencies to enhance your healing experiences. Rx Ultra can be used on any area of the body.

Rx Ultra II Magnet  The Ultra II is even more powerful than the Ultra and will bring about a new level of healing. The Ultra II can also be used anywhere on the body as well.


Magnetic therapy can help most conditions by improving the body’s ability to heal itself.

√ Chronic Pain         √ Anxiety

√ Arthritis                  √ Bleeding          

√ Migraines               √ Fatigue      

√ Allergies                 √ Healing

√ Asthma                   √ Cold/Sinus

√ Heart Conditions   √ Digestive Problems

√ Anti Aging              √ Acne

√ Much More

Recent discoveries have given us the ability to add plant-based healing properties to our magnetic products. By incorporating plants we have created the most powerful healing magnet products ever developed.

Our products move magnetic field induced electrons throughout all the conducting elements of the body. This added electrical energy allows the body to combat health problems and heal much more fully and effectively than it could on its own.

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Chronic Health Problems? Hard to Treat Health Issues?

Discover Magneticare’s Energizing Elementalife, Revitalizing Magnetic Health Cream and Rx Magnets for a healthier life.

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Healing With MagnetiCare

All of MagnetiCare’s products were designed with the specific purpose to supplement our electrical system. Enabling our electrical system to run at higher levels allowing for increased direction and control of our whole bodily functions.

  • Muscular
  • Immune
  • Digestive
  • Respiratory
  • Cardiovascular
  • Integumentary

 Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it; see what real users are saying!

“I used your magnetic ointment on my stretch marks and pimples. The ointment cleared up the pimples overnight. My stretch marks faded to almost nothing. I like your product and would recommend it to my friends. I appreciate your product!”

Jessica Rile, Denver, CO

I just cannot believe it. I have had chronic back pain for the last seven years. A friend of mine suggested that I try RxMagnets because they had worked on his pain. After the first night of using the magnets, upon awakening I sat-up in bed and noticed something was very different. Ninety percent of my pain was gone. I could not believe that a magnet placed on my back would relieve pain. I continued to use the magnets for a full week and now the chronic back pain is gone and I still cannot believe it. Thank you for such a wonderful product, I plan to tell all my friends about RxMagnets.

– Rob F., Golden, CO



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